Special Projects

Transforming the environment, transforming lives

TTETL is an environmental sustainability project with the main objective to train and empower members of a community to upcycle the waste created in the environment into commercial artefacts to generate an alternative stream of income.

Our Story

Ms. Timotina Boakye, a Greenheart International (major program sponsor) Alumni Council Member and her team of 4, spearheaded the project.

Through a strategic partner with Theovision International, the team was able to scout, select and build a relationship with Asikabiw, a peasant farming community, in the eastern region of Ghana in January 2020.

The project enrolled 20 participants in the community consisting of 14 women and 6 men. The project was to teach the members of the community skills on how to upcycle waste products such as plastic bottles, sachet water rubbers into pencil cases, laptop bags, necklaces and other useful everyday items.

The trainees developed skills in sewing, handcrafts and Macrame making. They were also taught, recycling (collection, sorting and preparation of waste), environmental sustainability, upcycling and composting to increase their knowledge and exposure to these subjects and how to apply them in their community.

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