Children & Youth Ministries

Children play a major role in the continuity of the gospel of Christ in to the next generation.

With the advancement of technology and the various kinds of information afloat the air-waves, it is important to train children in the ways of Christ before the knowledge of Christ is completely lost.

Our Story

For the sake of future generations, Theovision International has inculcated children into its Bible Listening Program. In the year 2014, the Children Ministry was created to enable children in rural communities to experience God through the Audio Bible.

Today, the Children’s Ministry has been established in many rural communities, school and churches to allow Children have a deeper encounter with God and experience their own transformation.

To make the Bible engaging and fun for children to connect with God’s word, Theovision is rolling out a Children’s Audio Bible which is a selection of Bible stories that have been recorded and dramatized by children.

After each story, there are life application questions and songs to help the children understand the stories they listen to.

New Life Opportunity Centre

In 2016, Theovision in partnership with her partners, birthed the New Life Opportunity Training Centre. The aim for this center is to help unearth the hidden talents in underprivilege youth, who couldn’t continue with their formal education, while giving them the opportunity to become financially independent.

The participants go through a training for 1-year, where they are trained in a classroom for 9 months and are enrolled in an internship with industry professionals for 3 months.

Through the center, over 100 girls have been trained in the areas of Bead making, sewing and design.

In addition to the skills acquired, they are taught Christian values, financial literacy, entrepreneurship and communication skills to help them become financially independent for themselves and their families.

“Our children are our only hope for the future but we are their only hope for their present and their future” – Zig Ziglar

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