Pray with Us

We are always grateful for your prayers in supporting the ministry and we constantly seek your prayers. We would be glad if you prayed for us in the following areas:

We seek YOUR prayers for our Field Missionaries as they go into new and unreached territories to spread the Word of God

We pray for the safety of our teams as they travel to the field

We pray for the Bible listening Group leaders and volunteer missionaries

We pray for the people to receive our teams and receive the Word of God with open arms

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We seek YOUR prayers for our Language recording team

We pray for their safety on the field

We pray that the translators, readers and actors open up their hearts to the recording projects

We pray for protection for the families of the recording teams

We seek YOUR prayers for all existing Bible Listening Groups to meet every week and be able to grow spiritually as they listen to the Word of God.

We pray for the lives of those who are coming to know Christ for the first time, that they will not give up on their faith

We pray that more souls will be won through the Bible listening Groups

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We seek YOUR Prayers for our Ministry Partners and the work they do

We seek YOUR Prayers for our partners (donors) who support the ministry with their resources. We pray that God provides

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