Ministry Tools

The Asempadaka (Good News Box)

This new Bible playback device is produced locally by Theovision International. The device, which can play audio scriptures in different languages, has an inbuilt Bible playing amplification unit with re-chargeable battery.

With its large speaker capacity, the sound produced can reach a gathered audience of about three hundred (300). The product can also use a connected external microphone to enable the facilitator to speak to the audience. When fully charged, it can be used continually for eight (8) hours without electricity.

The Proclaimer

The Proclaimer is solar-powered digital player that allows people to experience God’s Word in their own language. The Proclaimer contains a specially engineered speaker system, designed to let groups of up to 100 people listen to the Audio Bible together. The digital quality creates a clear, audible sound without any distortion.

The player is able to stand up to harsh climates and does not require any cassette tapes or CDs. Instead, the New Testament is recorded in the selected language, and then programmed on a microchip, which is embedded in the player. This microchip cannot be erased and will not wear out from frequent playing

The Bible Stick

This convenient, digital audio player is very simple to use and comes pre-loaded with an entire audio New Testament – all in a slim player the size of a pack of gum. With it you can enjoy the Word of God anytime, anywhere! This device is used specifically to reach our Military men and women who are being deployed to work in challenging conditions.

Solar Power Multi-Purpose pole

The Solar-powered Multi-purpose is our most recent innovation. Powered by solar, the pole provides light, has a charging station where the community members can charge their phones. It also has an in-built phone with a SIM card, that allows anyone from anywhere to communicate with the community through the horn speakers.

The pole can be used to play any the Audio Bible, Educational content, information on health any audio content in the local language of the people.

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