Our Story

MegaVoice is a digital solar powered audio player for Christian and humanitarian use. It is assembled and packaged in Theovision Offices.

It can be programmed or designed to best suit the unique requirements of any organization. This means whatever audio material a ministry or individual possesses or requires can be uploaded unto it.

It has a storage memory of between 2 to 16 gigabytes. It can be connected to an external amplifier and can be charged from multiple power sources: solar or the AC/DC charger. In addition to the Audio Bible, the MegaVoice can store sermons, evangelistic, discipleship and educational materials including HIV awareness programs, sanitation, hygiene and malaria programs.

With this device, many more ministries and individuals will be able to hear the Word of God and other audio materials in their desired languages. The compact size of the MegaVoice makes it possible to reach remote villages and secluded areas of the world with God’s Word. Its convenience and portability make it ideal for use in schools, churches, homes, etc...

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